Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why a T1 Line?

Businesses need to get an Internet provider with dedicated bandwidth that is available to them exclusively all the time. The cheapest form of this connection is a T1 line provider. That is why businesses often get a T1 Line Price Quote when shopping for their Internet solution.

The T1 line is a direct connection from the ISP to a business or other customer. The entire bandwidth available can be used for voice, data, or a mixture of the two. This can result in  better cost savings when it comes to adding voice phone service at the same time. The bandwidth of a standard T1 is around 1.5 mbps for both send and receive. There is no upload limit like there is with many residential Internet products which makes it impractical to run a web server delivering data to others. When looking to get a T1 Line Price Quote, make sure to take into account what type of uses is intended for this product.

Another good feature of a T1 line is that the bandwidth is not shared at all. It is dedicated to just one customer. Because of that, it is not possible for others to overload the connection at the local level. Also, the T1 can be expanded later on with multiple T1 lines if the internet traffic levels are high enough to justify an expansion. It's also possible to get a T1 Line Price Quote for multiple T1s if it's known that a single line won't be enough.

Those who are looking for consistent data speeds and high quality Internet access should look at getting a T1 with a T1 Line Price Quote. Some appropriate customers include businesses, stock day traders, and consumers who need the highest quality Internet connection possible. So when there's a need to get the best Internet connection, consider getting a T1 line.

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