Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T3 Line Internet Service Provider

T3 or DS3 Line internet service is a part of the Data servicing at Level 3 and is considered more economical than the T1 Line Internet service and thus has been found to be very useful in large companies as well as apt for individual usage too where there is lot of bandwidth needed.  The Digital Service 3 provides a staggering speed of 44.736 MB/sec.  As large companies, Government institutions, Universities are in need of a huge bandwidth on which they could carry out their entire work on, this DS3 connection has picked up momentum and is opted by quite a number of organizations.

This type of internet connection is found to be useful even for individuals who run large applications like video conferencing and such things.  As there is a demand for this kind of a service, it is also available in various economical prices and packages and of course the price varies depending on your geographical positioning.   A singular T3 line comes in with 28 T1 lines. 
The business internet providers offer attractive prices if you switch from T1 to T3 internet service network.  And DS3 system can be transmitted with a T3 line connection.  A lot however depends on the provider through whom you are getting the T3 lines. The T3 Line pricing may also vary basing on the term for which you are opting for.  If you assure to be a long term customer you can negotiate for a better price from your business internet provider.  So, find yourself an efficient and trustworthy T3 Line internet service provider after going through the various plans that he has on offer and pick the one that suits your requirements best.


Anonymous said...

Good post, I know what T3 internet is now!

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You can not find better T3 prices than thier quoites, awsome post!