Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is a T3 Line and Who Needs It?

T3 Line
Those businesses who need a high speed Internet connection that is reliable should look at getting a T3 Line Price Quote. With a private T3 line going to the business premises, dedicated Internet speeds of 45 mbps going in both directions are possible. With the increase in bandwidth usage from high definition digital media, it is becoming mandatory for businesses who want the attention of consumers to get a higher speed connection. And more and more consumers have cable and DSL high speed Internet products with very high download throughput. To satisfy consumers, it is necessary to have high speeds so that end users don't see buffering or timeouts. That is why businesses should seriously consider getting a T3 dedicated Internet connection.
The T3 line is very flexible. It can be used for both voice and data at the same time via channels. A portion of the line would be dedicated to voice communications while the rest of it is used for data. There can be cost savings by using the T3 line for multiple uses since the dedicated line only needs to be brought in only once. So when getting a T3 Line Price Quote, it's important to consider the savings that would occur if voice goes over the T3 instead of separate phone lines.
The dedicated download and upload speed of a T3 is very high and much better than DSL or cable, which have key disadvantages for business users. First of all, the upload speed is usually severely limited with low-end DSL and cable Internet products. That makes them inappropriate for running a web server of any kind, especially one that has video content. Secondly, the bandwidth is not dedicated. That means downloads or uploads can be very slow during the peak hours of the early evening. If the neighborhood is oversubscribed with too many cable or DSL customers, there will be slowdowns and timeouts as well. The dedicated high speed of T3 avoids all of these issues.
Generally, businesses with high bandwidth or voice service needs are the ones that will need to get a T3 Line Price Quote. The private T3 line can produce a lot of savings over other products as well as very high quality voice and data services that businesses need and expect.

Monday, June 13, 2011

VoIP Phone Providers - What is VoIP Phone Service, internet phone?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The service involves converting a voice signal from a landline telephone and transmitting it over the Internet. Most VoIP phone providers provide customers with a wide range of services at a lower amount than using a traditional phone service. The only drawback is the requirement of high-speed Internet access to make calls.
Many people are using phone services that require Internet access because of saving on money. Examples of VoIP Phone Providers are PhonePower, and Comcast. The companies offer outbound and inbound calling. Customers can make a call to anyone regardless of their telephone service. For example, you can make a call from your VoIP to someone with a traditional landline phone. Also, the service comes with great features such as call rejection, calls forwarding, voice mail, three-way calling and caller identification.
Some people don’t like to change phone services because of having to change their phone number. However, customers have the option of keeping the same telephone number. VoIP phone providers have a basic plan and extra features will cost an additional fee. The basic plan is different for every company and each company can decide on the features selected for the plan. You want to shop around to get the best plan for a reasonable price.
Many basic plans do not include long distance services, international calling and soft phone technology. If you want any of those features, then you will have to pay extra. All and all, this type of service is usually cheaper than a traditional phone plan. Some people are hesitant to sign up because of it being a fairly new service. It is really easy to sign up and requires visiting a provider’s website. You will have to answer a couple of questions and submit the application. After signing up, you will receive a router in the mail.
If your internet service is not working, then you will not be able to make phone calls. You should keep a cell phone around in case of an emergency. Research the different VoIP phone providers and find the right plan for you.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is a T1 Line Internet and Who Needs It?

Although DSL and cable Internet has made high speed access seem ubiquitous, there are limits to both of these services. They are designed for end-user residential customers rather than for businesses due to some key disadvantages. For instance, the upload speed is usually limited for consumer Internet products. Also, the bandwidth is not guaranteed, especially for cable Internet. When Internet usage is highest during the early evening, Internet speeds often slow down for consumers. Because of both of these reasons, businesses need to get an Internet solution with dedicated bandwidth that is available to them exclusively at all times. The cheapest form of this connection is a T1 line. That is why businesses often get a T1 Line Price Quote when shopping for their Internet connections.
The T1 line is a direct connection from the Internet provider to a business or other customer. The entire bandwidth available can be used for voice, data, or a mixture of the two. This can result in cost savings when it comes to adding voice phone service at the same time. The bandwidth of a standard T1 is around 1.5 mbps for both send and receive. There is no upload limit like there is with many residential Internet products which makes it impractical to run a web server delivering data to others. When looking to get a T1 Line Price Quote, make sure to take into account what type of uses is intended for this product.
Another great feature of a T1 line is that the bandwidth is not shared at all. It is dedicated to just one customer. Because of that, it is not possible for others to overload the connection at the local neighborhood level. Also, the T1 can be expanded later on with multiple T1 lines if the traffic levels are high enough to justify an expansion. It's also possible to get a T1 Line Price Quote for multiple T1s if it's known that a single line won't be enough.
Those who are looking for consistent data speeds and high quality Internet access should look at getting a T1 with a T1 Line Price Quote. Some appropriate customers include businesses, stock day traders, and consumers who need the highest quality Internet connection possible. So when there's a need to get the best Internet connection, consider getting a T1 line.